My Workout Plan

So after I looked for a workout plan with the intent of getting in shape and not necessarily loosing weight I decided to create one. This, for now, is my plan.

All reasoning will be revealed in time 😊

Month One: The goal is to start. Distance isn't important until the end.

   Week 1: run/walk 30 min. Two times a week
   Week 2: run/walk 30  min. Three times a week
   Week 3: run/walk 30 min. Three times a week
   Week 4: run/walk 30 min. Four times a week

*Continue until able to run 1 mile nonstop*

Month Two: Add Insanity to build strength.

*Continue running a mile a day nonstop. Time isn't important.*

Month Three: Continue Insanity.

*Increase daily run to 1.5 miles*

Month Four: Last month of Insanity.

*Increase daily run to 3 miles*

Month Five: Begin distance running to 4-5 miles two times a week minimum.

Month Six: Evaluate.
   Time 1.5, 3, 5 mile runs
   Sit-up amount
   Push-up amount
   Pull-up amount

Month Seven: Add in additional strength building activity


Minimum 3 mile run nonstop before 15 min.
Minimum sit-ups...75 in 1 min.
Minimum push-ups...50 in 1 min.
Minimum pull-ups...7

I will be doing most if not all early in the morning before the girls wake up or right when Mr. C gets home. I will post weekly or monthly to update you guys.